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Enjoy a unique experience during your holidays at Agios Spiridon by visiting one of our many summer Festivals - here and in the surrounding areas.

The largest Festival of the area is the Varkarola, which takes place in August right on the beach. Many locals take pride in being a part of it, and the lights & boats on the water are a real feast for the eyes.

Immerse yourself in our culture by watching our traditional Corfiot dances with a beer and a souvlaki...and don't hesitate to join in!

Check out the dates below for what Festivals are happening whilst you're here!


8/6/2018 Agios Theodoros church Agios Spiridon beach area

6/7/2018 Town hall square Acharavi 6km

22/7/2018 Agios Ilias church Perithia area 2km

29/7/2018 Saint Athanasios church Loutses area 5km

7/8/2018 Varkarola Agios Spiridon beach

15/8/2018 Kassiopi harbour 7km


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